Dear readers,

The case studies come from V4 countries and bring the real problems waiting for solutions or even having no solutions in the short term. The case studies cover several areas of sustainable development and focus on smaller UNESCO sites. The smaller UNESCO sites suffer often from overtourism, low capacities in the high season, and seasonality. Managing tourism in these sites is specific – their personal and financial resources and know-how are limited in comparison to large sites like Prague, Paris, or Budapest. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention also to these sites and introduce their perspective to students.

The structure of the case studies is adjusted to the aim. The texts usually start with a short theoretical background relevant to the issue, followed by the introduction of the site and any information helping the students to understand a complex picture. The aims, tasks and questions are presented then, and students can start working on the tasks in teams or individually. Teacher´s notes are information for teachers – the expected outcomes, answers, and possible solutions. The notes serve as a teacher´s help where to guide the students in case they need help in the initiation stage or later.

The e-book aims at bringing a broader perceptive to sustainability in smaller UNESCO sites in V4 countries. Teachers find here the inspiration for seminars and examples for education and teaching. The case studies can be also used by students to train in approaching sustainability from different perspectives. The publication can help also the practitioners see the issues from several points of view and think about them in context.